The Makings Of A Daydream by Arianne Rox

Meet ARIANNE ROX a singer, songwriter from Bucks, Pa. She is a indie/contemporary folk rock artist that has her own groove and own chic style. She sings everything from classic rock to folk. She loves to sing music about love and gratitude. She is like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, looking for the yellow brick road , to find true happiness. The band is: ARIANNE ROX: Guitar, Uke and vocals; LEECHBOY [BILLY VENANZI]: Guitar; NICK ROBERTI:Bass; MIKE STANLEY: Guitar and Bass. This 9 song CD was produced, mixed and mastered by BRIAN J. ANTHONY. The CD starts out with a song titled, ROCK YOUR WORLD, which starts out with a great guitar riff as her strong voice comes in and takes control. I can hear some reflections of Shania Twain in her vocals. I WANT TO BE LIKE YOU has a great reggie melody as the acoustic guitar and bongos are in play. When the vocals in, you will definitely take you to a ‘happy place’! IT’S NOT TO LATE has a sweet harmonica intro and great lyrics as she sings about love. The lyrics are superb as she warns that you shouldn’t lose you chance at having true love. This song is a true gem. WHITE MAGIC WOMAN is a spin off of Santana’s song, Black Magic Woman. I must admit, she really made this ‘her song’ as she takes the song to a whole new level. I HAVE A DREAM ends the CD and it couldn’t end with a better song. She sings this song from her heart with true conviction and love. What I love about Arianne Rox, you know she is ‘real’ and her ‘true colors’ shows in her songs. She is about love and peaceful world, which we all need more of. You can find ARIANNE ROX on: FACEBOOK, REVERBNATION, You Tube, Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud and Pinterest. I want to THANK ARIANNE ROX for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing CD. Please go see her live, if you have a chance.I know she’ll be happy to see you. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD []

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