Kayla Avitabile Cd Review-“The Difference Between Fine And Okay”

Kayla Avitabile – The Difference Between Fine and Okay

New release from the singer/songwriter speaks from the heart

CD Review by Josie Janci, Steel Notes Magazine and Steel Waves Radio


Kayla’s newly released CD could be described as the lyrical comparison to JD Salinger’s prose in “Catcher in the rye”.  Both are a descriptive and beautiful tribute to a singular view of teenage angst, complete with a touch of controversy- just to keep it uber-interesting! If I had to describe her music, I’d use the word “indie” although she prefers “alternative” but we’d both be correct.  

Kayla’s songwriting is mature beyond her years with thought-provoking lyrics and musical change-ups that catch the listener off guard eliciting an involuntary “wow” response.  The guitar riffs come complete with tempo variations that are unique and interesting.  Kayla plays guitar on the disk and does a great job-but her musical talent lie foremost in her songwriting and vocals.  Her vocal sound is unique, half indie, half grunge…Imagine Patty Smith and Jewel giving her voice lessons on opposite days. Her lyrics are smart and powerful, her music complex and fun - the result is success.


Show some love to this local high school senior and pick up one of her CD’s online at https://kaylaavitabile.com/merchandise


Song List

Alternative Facts
Crystal Blue
Good Enough
Awkward & Absent
Remember When


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