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An impromptu observation by a music reviewer turned fan!


By: Josie Janci

In the Lehigh Valley we have a few cover bands.. well, a few is an understatement-we have a bunch of cover bands and one of the most popular are the old school veterans of rock and roll, The Aardvarks.

The Aardvarks Facebook Page:

Well....lemme tell you about The Aardvarks. They are a band of super talented guys that are playing "spot on renditions" of some of the most popular songs of a generation. They could be a kick ass original band but they chose something different. That's not a bad thing, nor is it to suggest that the members are exclusively on THIS project, maybe there's a guy or two who play in....say... another project that plays original music?😉

I am not suggesting it is in ANY WAY, bad or unprofessional to display your talents in a cover band instead of an original band; and for those who may think differently - think again.

The skill level of members of The Aardvarks is off the charts, the confidence they exude is world class, and the business sense to create a legacy cover-band is GENIUS!

So back to why the valley loves The aardvarks so much. They are as much of a tradition as they are musicians. The age bracket of people in clubs has changed....matured. Gone are the days when the 20 year olds are the ones on the bars listening to bands. The younger generation made their footprint on the music scene in a different way. For them- DJ's are the entertainers of choice.

So who listens to bands anymore? Well, I do. My friends do. The more mature "-yes-I-owned-a-record-player and "stood- in- line-for-concert-tickets" group. So playing to your audience is job one, and The Aarvarks have that down pat.

Aardvarks Website

The experience is like hearing Guns and Roses' album; The Spaghetti Incident. The music is, sometimes, even better than the original !

(  Punk rockers, check out live version of UK Subs "down on the farm" done by G&R)

With little variation and just solid tight playing; The Aardvarks show how wide their range of talent really is. They are serious musicians that could almost take over that DJ generation....I mean their gigs are like picking out your favorite songs and playing them for your friends so who needs a DJ!?!?
AND that, my friends, is the reason they still draw the biggest crowds in the Valley.


Josie Janci

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