Steven Kalish’s story- The Last Gentleman Smuggler

Steven Kalish's story is the kind that can never occur again. Timing for a group of white boys from Braeburn Valley along Braes Bayou in Houston, Texas in the 70's launched millions of dollars into the hands of high school buddies. They believed their cause was noble, their lust for power not unlike the previous generations. Steven, the mastermind behind the successful smuggling operation, learned from those who had already perfected their craft in ways Steven could expand. Believing success was measured by the size of his wallet, Steven kept his potential enemies (Mexicans in Oaxaca, Miami Cuban Cartel, Medellin kingpins Oachoa Brothers and Escobar, Panama's Dictator Manuel Noriega and BCCI banking system) close to him. The hardest part of his rise to the top of a tribe not his own would become the power-grabbing madmen in the U.S. Government. He and his buddies would learn that smuggling an innocuous plant soon became littered with blow and gold. That's when the naive hippie belief system of youth turned deadly.
"You can't be a scientist and believe in UFOs and a Divine being,
You can't be American and believe Kennedy's assassination was a government conspiracy or Vietnam and the US War On Drugs were motivated by greed,
You can't be right if everyone else finds comfort in being wrong, Ditching the blinders is a bitch even for the last gentleman smuggler,
America the Beautiful is my home too."
The True Story of the largest smuggling operation in U.S. History "The Last Gentleman Smuggler" by Steven M. Kalish and Nikki Palomino

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