XAVIER TOSCANO: Feels so Good by Jim Allford

XAVIER TOSCANO hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and his musical taste are of many. He blends his love for EDM, rap, rock, reggae and R & B and it shows in this 11 song CD. The CD was mixed, mastered, produced by Jonathan “DJ Crayola” Crawford, Leo Frappier and Gawain Mathews and Xavier Toscano.
Xavier’s music been featured on MTV, RED BULL , LOGO, SUPERCUTS, KEEP UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS and many other shows. INTRO FEELS SO GOOD is a 48 second song that kicks off this CD which gives you a bit of a taste of his music. NEVER WANNA LEAVE is a superb song that will have you up and dancing to in no time.
This is true ‘dance music’ which has you reminiscing of the ‘80’s dance music. RUNAWAY keeps the dance music going as you’ll get caught up in the beat as it carries you away to a ‘happy place’ with lights flashing and glitter flies through the air. CASTLES IN THE SKY slows things down and it’s a true love song that is sang from his heart to you.
Close your eyes and let this song take you away. This song is quite a ‘gem’. NAS-T-NIZE reminds me of a WAR’s funk songs like Cisco Kid and his vocals are epic, to say the least. You’ll love this song, no doubt. UNSTOPPABLE FEVER is another great pure funk song that will keep you on the dance floor.
The pounding bass is in your face throughout the song that just keep penetrating in your head. MADE IT LOOKS EASY ends this amazing CD that will have you consumed by his amazing lyrics and continues beats. All I can say about Xavier is WOW! This CD will be in your head for days and days and ‘crank it up loud’ for the real full effect.
You can find Xavier Toscano at: www.xaviertoscano.com, Facebook, Spotify, Reverbnation, Twitter, Soundcloud, You Tube, Pandora Music and Radio, iTunes, Songkick and iHeartRadio. Also, his energy during his shows will have you spellbound and begging for more. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to XAVIER TOSCANO for giving the opportunity to review this tremendous CD. Please check him out. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD [www.steelnotesmagazine.com]

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