THE KATE LUSH BAND:Headline By Jim Allford

THE KATE LUSH BAND is a Soul, New Orleans groove, Southern rock, rhythm and blues and sweet ballad band that hails from Sydney, Australia. The band members are: KATE LUSH-Vocals; MATT ROBERTS-Guitar,backing vocals; TIM WILSON-Bass, backing vocals; WES HARDER-Piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer organ; DAVE HOLE-Slide guitar; JASON BRUER- Saxophone; MATT RAPER-Trombone; ADRIAN VEALE-Trumpet and TONY BOYD-Drums.

The 11 song Cd was Produced by Kate Lush, Matt Roberts & Tim Wilson. Engineered & Edited by Dorny Mayers, Mixed by Michael McGlynn & Mastered by William Bowden. HEADLINE kicks off the CD with a brassy . soulful sound as Kate grabs your attention with her amazing vocals.

The band is very impressive. JACKSON takes you down to the bayou where the crocs get you. This song will get your attention, fast. All the hooks are there. GOODBYE TO THE RAIN is a heartfelt ballad that will have you swaying to in no time. You’ll fall in love with the song. WEAKNESS has a great guitar riff intro with a dose of Southern rock thrown in. Turn it up loud and enjoy the ride. This song goes right for the throat.

FALL DOWN SEVEN TIMES reminds me of Bonnie Raitt singing one of her great soul songs. The horn arrangements are amazing and a real treat to the song. I love it! HOW WILL I HOLD OUT has a country flavor to it and Kate’s amazing vocal has a Shania Twain twang throughout the song. There is no doubt , you’ll be playing this song over and over again.

What a epic CD, to say the least. Please go check out the band at:, Bandcamp, Facebook, CD Baby Store, Reverbnation, Twitter, You Tube, Amazon and Last fm. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to KATE LUSH for being in touch with me and hats off to everyone in the making of this epic CD. Please, everyone, just a little time and check her and the band out. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD []

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