No, Seriously…Take it Easy!


    With rising temperatures and loads of fun outings, musical and beyond, we may find ourselves jamming our schedules full of fun activities. Though our days may not go as planned, we can still cultivate a sense of easiness within ourselves to enjoy our summer to the fullest!

     This summer, prioritize wellness and unity. The better we feel, the better it gets! Stay cool in the midst of the summer sun by 

  1. Give Gratitude 
         Without a doubt, the single-biggest contributor to a fulfilling, easy lifestyle.
    [Level Up with Lizzy: if you have One person who loves you, you know where your next meal is coming from, you have clean clothes and water , and a roof over your head, you have enough to give gratitude for every second of every day]
  2. Gloriously Recognize Nature's Abundance
          Inhale to your belly. Exhale. Let us not forget we are cut from the same cloth as the roses, the trees, the sky, and the sun.
    [Level Up with Lizzy: Next time you go outside, no matter the time of day, fixate your attention on something beautiful, and let your imagination run wild for 30 seconds or 1 minute. Lizzy loves doing this with clouds. She will stare in awe at them, noting the abundance of Earth's particles that make up each cloud. Sunset is her favorite
    time of day; especially when traveling, able to marvel at the sky from different angles, also feeling the hustle-and-bustle of rush-hour dying down as folks make it to their destinations. "I wonder where everyone is going?" she may think to herself]

  3. Drink More Water

  4. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough STAY 
          When we promise ourselves we won't abandon ourselves because of temporary uncomfortability, we offer ourselves the space needed to grow into the best version of ourselves.


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