RYAN ROXIE should be a name very familiar to everyone. He is best known for being Alice Copper’s long time collaborator and lead guitarist and had worked with Slash, Gilby Clarke and many others.

‘IMAGINE YOUR REALITY’ is his first official solo release and he has many noteworthy musicians that played on this release, including Robin Zander from Cheap Trick. The musicians are: RYAN ROXIE: Guitars, vocals; TOMMY HENRIKSEN, JON BORDON, KRISTOFFER FOLIN-Bass; TEDDY ‘ZIG ZAG’ ANDREADIS, JON BORDON-Piano, Keyboards; KRISTOFFER FOLIN, GLEN SOBEL, ANTON KORBERG, SEVEN ANTONOPOULOS-Drums; JOHAN BECKER, KRISTOFFER FOLIN, TOMMY HENRIKSEN-Backing vocals.

This 10 song CD was Produced by Kristoffer Folin, Tommy Henriksen and John Bordon. Recorded and Mixed at Purple Skull Studios, Sweden. BIG ROCK SHOW kicks off this CD and get ready for a rockin’ ride. Crank it up loud and blast off, because there’s more to come. CALIFORNIA MAN is quite a gem as Robin Zander sings a old Roy Wood song as the band is tighter than ever. This one song ‘hit-bound’ to me. UH OH SONG has a different feel to it as it takes you on a bluesy journey that you will truly love.

ME GENERATION has a great guitar riff that holds steady throughout the song and you’ll be singing along to the lyrics. The melody will have you hooked. HEARTS IN TROUBLE has a bit of mellow touch to it with a great 50’s melody. This song is for everyone, young or old, and reminds of the band, Tuff Darts. This band is a MUST for everyone to hear. You can find RYAN ROXIE at: www.ryanroxie.com. You Tube, Deezer, Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Tunein, Pandora, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Music and Bandcamp. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to PAUL UNGER for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing artist. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD [www.steelnotesmagazine.com]

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