MYSTERY LOVES COMPANY: here WE ARE + other favorites By Jim Allford

MYSTERY LOVES COMPANY is a chamber Rock duo and band hailing from Houston, Texas. The band members are: CARLOS A. MACHADO-Guitar, vocals; MADELINE HERDEMAN-Cello, vocals; JEREMY DUDMAN-Bass; ALAUNA RUBIN-Clarinet and DANNY PATTERSON-Drums.

This 11 + 7 song CD was Produced by Carlos A. Machado. Pre-Production and Mastering Engineer -Jeremy Dudman, plus, Mixing and Recording Engineer- Alauna Rubin. LILA starts off the CD and is quite a treat. The whirling sound is intriguing as you are pulled into their vibes.

I LOVE YOU has an interesting ‘off beat’ pattern that gets in your head and stays there. You can’t help yourself but to ‘get into it’. SOMEDAY is truly a great song as the band is taking you away on a ‘ride’. You can feel yourself rising higher and higher as the song goes.

TONIGHT I KNOW highlights the vocals and the harmonies and sounds like a true love song. This song could give you goosebumps.
DEPARTURES is a great instrumental which could be placed in any movie soundtrack. Definitely, worth checking out. SISTER WHEN is one of the ‘other favorites’ on this CD and it’s a great ‘interlude’ between Madeline and Carlos as the music just flows from them.

IF HEAVEN is an amazing song that will have you waving your hands in the air as they carry you away. This truly could become a ‘hit song’. Please check out the band at:, Facebook, CD Baby Music Store, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Kickstarter, You Tube, Spotify, Reverbnation and Wikipedia. I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to CARLOS A. MACHADO for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing band. Also, a great job to all those involved in the making of this CD. Please give them a listen. ROCK ON, JIM ALLFORD []

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