A Night with McVie and Buckingham

By Jenny Cat – Concert Correspondent.

Sands Event Center – Bethlehem, PA August 11th 2017

Known best for their solid contributions to epic supergroup, Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie presented their latest musical collaboration, simply titled, Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie in concert during the last leg of their supporting tour.

 McVie-Buckingham - photo credit: Dave Hummel

The show opened with Buckingham performing a heavy, guitar-rich version of his song, "Trouble." McVie soon joined in as the duo went on to play a historic Fleetwood Mac tune, "Wish You Were Here." McVie's voice was in true, well-rounded form and Buckingham's guitar playing was flawless and flashy, per usual.

McVie promptly went into old school song territory with, "Hold Me," which sounded sweeter live than in the original recording. McVie and Buckingham kicked into, "Little Lies." Buckingham's driving guitar only complemented the higher register of McVie's voice, which sounds true, real, and perfect given the fact that she is in her 70's and still rocking.

"Tusk" made the crowd hoot and holler louder and harder than any other moment in the concert and one has to ponder if McVie and Buckingham truly enjoy playing that song as it is the most outlandish and ostentatious tune in their repertoire, but the people love it and you gotta give them what they want!

Christine McVie

McVie/Buckingham - photo credit: Dave Hummel

"You Make Loving Fun" caused rampant outbreaks of spontaneous dancing among the members of the crowd as they were clearly not fazed by the lack of fullness from McVie's typically warm voice.

After clearing the Fleetwood Mac hits from the set, the duo went on to play songs from their newest album. "In My World" was most definitely a McVie styled composition as it contained the melodic elegance the singer/writer is best known for while songs, "Sleeping Around The Corner," and "Feel About You" sent vibes of early "Rumors" era Fleetwood Mac magic. Never disappointing, "Too Far Gone" was rocking thanks to Buckingham's driving guitar and gritty energy.

Buckingham McVie album cover"Love Is Here To Stay" and "Red Sun" painted images of romantic hopefulness and melodic fluidity conveyed expertly by Buckingham's high-tone vocal register and echoed guitar.

The duo closed the show with two new songs, "Lay Down For Free" and "Game of Pretend" but not after playing the crowd-pleasing anthem, "Go Your Own Way."

The new album, Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie is a testament to the power and skill behind one of rock and roll's most exciting and tumultuous bands and the new songs can easily stand alongside those classic hits.

McVie/Buckingham - photo credit: Dave Hummel

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