A Little Party Never Hurt Anybody!

Let the Celebration Continue

Along the journey of self-acceptance, Celebration-- not occasional, but often-- aides personal expansion.

The odds of anyone actually becoming a physical human being equate to something like 1:400 trillion. Upon seeing this, it's easy to become more humble and more exalted simultaneously. The connection between to everyone/thing around me strengthens. Like, how spectacular, the Creator of all-that-is thought the world needed One of me.
When I recognize my uniqueness, I celebrate. When I pass through a trying time, I celebrate. When I stumble and fall, and get back up, I celebrate. When I learn something new, I celebrate. When I gain the object of my desire, I celebrate.
I celebrate myself every morning with morning coffee and a lovely 10-minute stretching session, or, when my partner is home, we spend time celebrating each other- mind, body, and soul. Celebration helps my understanding that nothing in life is as bad as it may seem. A hidden message, a deeper understanding, a gained momentum always wait patiently behind the curtain.
I learned that celebrating the gift of life, not only when it's a holiday or I complete a task, but also the very journey that brought me to this current time-space, I feel good no matter the circumstance. When I choose to find something that makes me feel good despite the current circumstance, I will reap more circumstances that will cause me to feel good.

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