Monthly Archives: January 2013

My passion is creating crosses, mosaic guitars, along with taking old, dilapidated pieces and bringing them back to life. I think all of us want to regain our youth and to be reborn again! I pair these beautiful works of art with their ‘rightful owners’ and my artwork has already brought love and beauty into the homes of many. Each and every piece is a part of the family…so which one of these pieces calls out for you?

marie currie creations
Marie Currie Eclair


Meet Éclair Marie’s 6th of 7 in her 'Cake and Candy' series! She is perched on a 19" by 7" hand cut redwood guitar by Steve Isaacs and she is absolutely gorgeous!! 

Marie started with a chocolate back with a chocolate, gold and copper front covered in abalone. She is adorned with Austrian Crystal and brass, faux candy and rhinestone. She sits in a pool of sea-glass, peppermints and a vintage mother of pearl heart behind her.  Marie built a crystal cliff of amber, gold and ice. She comes with a chrome stand and a recipe card to make éclairs from scratch and she is perfect for any kitchen or parlor! $525

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marie currie jelly bean

Jelly Bean

by "Sugar Sweet" Co. and this eye candy is the 4th of  Marie’s  'Cake and Candy' series.  Marie says:  Now I put total blame on Lil’ Jelly for all the amazing colors, candy and bling! I gave her exactly what she wanted! I started with a blue back with a yellow, red, purple and orange front covered in abalone. She is dripping with all kinds of faux candy and cones, handmade clay flowers and she wanted some Austrian Crystal thrown in for good measure! She is sitting in a pool of red, yellow and orange fire glass and her cliff was built in red, purple, blues and pink crystals. She’s a delicious eye full and perfect for any kitchen or parlor!! She’s 19" by 7” on a solid redwood guitar hand cut by Steve Isaacs and she comes with an easel stand! This delectable baby is yours! $425

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