Monthly Archives: January 2013

My passion is creating crosses, mosaic guitars, along with taking old, dilapidated pieces and bringing them back to life. I think all of us want to regain our youth and to be reborn again! I pair these beautiful works of art with their ‘rightful owners’ and my artwork has already brought love and beauty into the homes of many. Each and every piece is a part of the family…so which one of these pieces calls out for you?

marie currie creations


Meet ‘Hatchling’ a really incredible AZURITE piece by ‘Pacific’ giftware.  Marie started with a black back with a black, blue, orange and red front covered in Gothic rhinestone pieces, dragons and steampunk gears throughout. She found an amazing silver alligator which was aged and distressed for the dark feel Marie was looking for and  couldn’t be happier with the result.… a Gothic steampunk Alligator vs. Dragon laden crazy large guitar which is hand cut by Steve Isaacs. Flippin’ SICK!!! Comes with a stand. 24”/8” $725


Crooked Forest

Meet ‘Crooked Forest’ by Georgetown Home! At 8.5”, this amazing 3 story house is gracing a large 24”/8” hand cut pine guitar by Steve Isaacs! Marie started with a hunter green back with an emerald and black front covered in abalone. She also used hand cut stainless steel branches with gold branches with pearls, copper and gold sun, dragonflies, Swarovski crystal toadstools, emerald crystals, leafs and everything ‘crooked’ she could find.  The house was placed in a pool of black rhinestones with green sea glass and emerald rounds. The cliff was built of emerald, gold, green ice and teal fire glass and  hand-made clay mushrooms to finish. Since the door opens, it would be amazing with an electric tea light inside to make the windows come alive!  This beauty comes with a chrome easel stand. This incredible piece belongs to you for $825