Weapons Of Anew cd review

Weapons of Anew – “The collision of love and hate”

New release from the band from New Jersey is stellar!

CD Review by Josie Janci, Steel Notes Magazine and Steel Waves Radio


Ray West, frontman, Vocalist

Freddy Ordine – guitarist

Stefan “Reno” Cutrupi – bassist

Chris Manfre – drummer

Kris Norris – new guitarist


Remember when you first heard Limp Biscuit or Linkin Park and how they combined music styles of metal and hip hop?  Remember thinking “wow, that works!”  Well that’s how I felt when I first heard Weapons of Anew.  (correlation simply for the sake of example not similarity) Their music has a style that is beautifully rich while still remaining true to the basics of heavy metal music.  It’s loud, it’s fast, it has tough lyrics and a bluesy undertone…but they are playing heavy metal music with sophisticated hooks and melodies that catch you pleasantly off guard and demand that you pay attention!  And DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ENERGY….

Their upcoming release, The Collision of Love and Hate is a freshman masterpiece. The surprising melodies caught my attention first but it was the “texture” of the music that impressed me most. The killer guitar riffs, coupled with the low end bass lines and the constant beat and crash of the drums are; by design, responsible for the thick quality of the music in every song.  Vocalist,  Ray West, has a wide vocal range, a pleasingly distinctive tone and a clarity to his vox that is superb.

The 5 song release has harmonies, hooks and energy galore.  I’d be hard pressed to name my favorite – but I don’t really need to chose just one…and neither do you.  On Sept. 15th you can hear the entire album and on Sept. 19th you can go to Reading to see them open for Tesla! Check out their website for more info – www.weaponsofanew.com

But until then – here’s one video to tide you over   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNg-4pNrjEQ


Here’s my original notes during my first listen (I always like to see how things progress)

Killshot – surprising melodies entwined in solid metal guitar riffs and crazy hooks that make the sound…textured.  The sound is a compilation of interesting vocals, heavy guitar play and SHITLOADS of energy.

SPEED – the first thing to stand out is the drums and bass in this  … next we have the cool harmonies (weird in a rock and roll song). LOVE IT the effects of the layered vox and instruments has an amazing result.  For some reason reminds me of Puddle of Mudd…vocals and hooks mostly but then add the scream=o and it’s a creative masterpiece

Blood from a stone – Starting out with quick heavy guitar and drums only to lead into beautiful vox that makes me think “anthem” only better!  Man guitars are hot!

AWAKE – Slower start working up to vox that sound a bit like Alice in Chains with clear solid vocals sounding.  

SUNDOWN – awesome hooks – first thing you notice…harmonies. Nice mid 8 and bluesy beats…maybe my favorite…couldn’t stop chair dancing….


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