Trusting My Emotional Wisdom

Post by Lizzy K

I've been gone from this platform over a month now. but, Now I'm Back!! with Weapons... meaning more inspiration and more love-fueled passion to share my messages with you! 

I've become a HUGE fan of positive affirmations coincidentally since I first began integrating the Law of Attraction.

They began VERY simply. I'd catch doubtful thoughts about myself and my abilities and then intentionally think about something that gives me pleasure. My go-to mood boosting situation? 

. . . Pastries!!!! 

There's vegan pastries, gluten-free, no-bake, double chocolate, crumby, fruity, and everything in-between. 

"What a wonderful time to live- the same time as pastries!" I'd think to myself. 

Eventually, I knew these positive switches to my mindset would come without the effort. 

Now, following my emotional wisdom feels different every time. Sometimes, a single encouraging word pops into my head and I follow that feel-good train. Other times, I'm comforted by someone's emotional countenance via social media. Truly, there's no limit to the satisfaction I can feel when I'm in the right mindset. 

"I love taking inspired action," I say to myself and, sitting with the feelings that arise shortly after, love guided me to a new intention: 

To get back writing about matters of the soul, and make a habit of it. 

So, here I am. Newly intent on sharing, once a week, preferably 'Twosdays', How Love Shows itself in My Life. 
I look forward to sharing this space with You, no matter where You fall on the Emotional Intelligence scale. Even the most well-adept spiritual leaders still seek the guidance of others. 

So, I ask Thee, What Does it Mean to Love Yourself?
Here's my take:

To love yourself means to accept this moment- despite the circumstances

To love yourself means to accept the inevitability of change headed your way

To love yourself is to put yourself in the best position- physically, mentally, and emotionally for what’s to come 

To love yourself is to forgive yourself for not achieving what your mind convinces you is worthwhile

To love yourself is to acknowledge simply being yourself is a noteworthy achievement

To love yourself means to extend yourself to others without expecting anything back

To love yourself is to continue in the face of adversity

To love yourself means to find calm-all is well and everything i desire is on its’ way to me"

Today's post inspired by the Ten of Cups card. 
"Smile and be kind while trusting your emotional wisdom."

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